How to Write a Better Argumentative Essay. Examples and Samples

Argumentative Essay

       Even though an argumentative essay is common, it’s also the type of essay students loathe the most. As noted, there’s more to it, than just having an opinion. It involves using solid reasoning and a lot of academic evidence and on top of it all, on top of it all, investigating the subject from different angles. Also, it includes presenting all these angles to the reader and putting together a lot of academic evidence to convince them they should support the writer’s opinion. Given all the work it involves, it’s no surprise that most students hate it. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it. So the only sensible thing to do is learn how to write it well and be on the safe side. The guide and argumentative essay samples below will help you improve your skills in this area.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

To become a pro at argumentative essay writing follow the tips below

  1. Know and Understand the Different Parts of an Essay

To write an exemplary essay, you should know and understand the different parts of an essay. Even though it’s generally consists of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. These parts carry

  • The argument

Just as its name suggests, your argumentative essay should revolve around a debatable topic. If it’s undebatable, then you may have to choose a different topic. The argument is often presented in the thesis statement and then backed throughout the essay.

  • The Stance

Other than the argument, the stance is yet another important part of an essay. It simply represents your views on the topic. To write an impressive essay ensure your stance remains the same throughout. Some students often lose their viewpoint when they found that the counterargument side is stronger than their topic. For your argumentative essay to be strong, stick to one side of the argument.

  • The Evidence

All your evidence should be sourced from credible facts. You can find credible evidence from

  • Print and electronic sources
  • Google scholar
  • Experiments and surveys
  • Personal experience
  • The Counterargument

Other than the argument you also need to come up with claims that you can use to refute the other side. This is especially important because you want to convince the reader that your side is the winning one.

All the parts shown above are usually highlighted throughout the article.

  1. Choose an Arguable Topic

If you’ve been assigned a specific topic, well, and good for you. If not, then the first step to writing an impressive essay should be reviewing your topic option. Read and understand the assignment sheet to know what your professor expects from you, and then based on the prompts, choose one topic.

While at it, don’t just pick any topic because it’s a requirement. Choose one that won’t give you a hard time finding evidence. At the same time, don’t choose one that is already a universally known and proven fact. In other words, go for a subject that is still up to debate. For instance, up to now, people still argue that dogs are better than cats and vice versa. Opting for such a subject is an excellent idea as it’s yet to be proven, which is better but at the same time, has a lot of credible evidence that you could use.

Additionally, as noted, argumentative essays are a lot of work. Therefore, choose a subject you find interesting. You’ll be motivated to work on it and will be ready to handle whatever load of work lays ahead. As mentioned, you’re expected to give the reader multiple angles of the topic. Therefore, avoid choosing a topic that’s too close to your heart. You may end up being biased and dwell more on the side that you find more appealing.

  1. Review All the Sides of the Topic and Pick a Struggle

With your topic at hand, the next step is to carefully review it and choose an argument you relate to the most. To pick a side, you need to do some comprehensive research on the entire topic, create two sides of the argument and choose one that you’ll be supporting. Also, you need to make an educated argument. So don’t research the side that suits you only, research on both so you can present credible facts to the table before convincing the reader to join your side. Use all materials available at your disposal, such as articles, blogs, and documentaries from the internet and your school library.

  1. Create an Outline

An outline is an essential tool in argumentative essay writing. It’ll enable you to organize your facts in a suitable manner. It also helps ensure you don’t forget critical points to strengthen your arguments as you’ll already have listed them. An argumentative essay outline mimics the structure of the real essay. It has the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Make good use of it for premium quality argumentative essays.

  1. Start Your Essay

With all your facts laid down in an outline, the essay writing process should be a breeze. Follow the format guide below for an impressive result

  • Craft a Good Introduction

The introduction of your argumentative essay is the thin line between capturing the attention and enthusiasm of your readers and losing it. Therefore make it as enticing as possible by having a strong and unique topic sentence. You can create one by using a quote, a statistic, an example, or a question relating to your thesis.

Also, ensure it gives the reader a brief introduction to the topic and has a clear and concise thesis statement so the reader can know which side of the argument you’re supporting.

  • Write a Body Paragraph that Includes A lot of Evidential Support

To do this, ensure each of your paragraphs comprehensively discusses one general idea. If your topic is on whether stricter gun laws should be enacted, your first point should probably be on both the benefits and downsides of stringent gun laws. The next paragraph should be entirely different as you should discuss a new idea concerning your thesis statement.

  • A thought-provoking Conclusion

The conclusion of your argumentative essay is often the last chance to win the reader over. Therefore, it should restate the thesis and summarize the points you’ve been passing across throughout the essay in a way that forces the reader to think. Other than that, it should also suggest what steps the reader should take next to show support to your thesis. For instance, if it’s on stricter gun laws, you could end your conclusion paragraph by urging the reader to sign a petition.

  1. Proofread and Edit

Once you’re done, proofread your argumentative essay to clear it of any grammatical errors. Also, proofread to confirm that you’ve included all the points you had in your outline. Remove any repetitive points and make adjustments wherever necessary.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Now you know how to write one. What’s next? Writing a topic you’ve been assigned and if not, explore your options from the good argumentative essay examples shown below

Argumentative Essay Examples on Technology

  • Are law enforcement cameras an invasion on privacy
  • Are people turning into technological zombies
  • With there ever come a time with no more technological advancement?
  • Does technology cause isolation and marginalization of people
  • Is technology limiting creativity?

Argumentative Essay Samples on Social Issues

  • Is black PR acceptable
  • Is age of the essence in relationships?
  • Should sexual offenders be sentenced to death?
  • What is the right punishment for failed/bad parenting
  • Should schools stock free condoms? And will that reduce teen pregnancies?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Are gun control policy an ideal crime control method?
  • What are some of the countries with the highest rates of corruption?
  • Can anyone be above the law?
  • Should the government criminalize same sex marriages?

Examples of Argumentative Essay

If you had no idea how to write an argumentative essay, now you do. What’s even better is that you can find top-shelf samples of argumentative essays writing online and on credible sites like Google Scholar. You could also check out your school’s website or ask your professor for some samples of argumentative essays for further clarity. Topics you could write about include

  • Should abortion be legalized
  • Are gun control policies effective?
  • Will reducing the holidays reduce summer slide?

Bottom Line

Writing an argumentative essay isn’t as difficult as most students make it seem. With the right tips and argumentative essay samples, such as the ones outlined above, you’re set for a smooth-sailing academic essay writing experience. However, if you have a hard time or have too much on your hands to write it, our proficient argumentative essay experts are always willing to get it done on your behalf.

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