Writing a Premium-Grade Abortion Essay

Abortion Essay

       Abortion is not only a highly debatable issue but also one of the most commonly assigned essay topics to students across all levels of the academic realm.  For instance, one time, you might be assigned an expository essay that requires you to define the pro-life and pro-choice positions. The next time you might be told to write on should abortion be legal or illegal essay. Other times your professor might ask you to write an argumentative essay on abortion but give you the freedom to choose your approach. You can only write a quality one if you’re prepared enough. That said, here is a guide to help you craft a top-shelf essay on why abortion should be illegal.

Tips on How to Write a Powerful Abortion Essay

As noted, abortion is a highly controversial topic. Therefore, the way you present your points should be clear and logical, especially when you’re pro-life. In respect to that, here is how to write an essay on abortion being illegal.

Know All there is to Know about the Topic

Before you give your argument on why should abortion be illegal essay, take time to understand the argument presented by both sides. Know the difference between pro-choice and pro-life and why each side sticks believe its theory should be the reality. In this case, to be specific, you need to be more informed about the pro-life camp as this is the side you’re expected to support when you’re supposed to write reasons why abortion should be illegal essay.

However, keep in mind that in an argumentative essay, you’re expected to back each side in an unbiased manner and then use your points to convince the reader to join your position on the matter. So, even if you’re on the pro-life camp, you’ll have to provide facts and persuasive arguments for both sides and convince the reader to take your stance. The only way you can do so is if you’re well-informed about the topic. Thus, before you start writing, take your time to research the subject.

Craft a Mind-Blowing Introduction

The introduction is usually the capstone of any essay. An essay on abortion being illegal is quite controversial, therefore ensure you write your introduction in a way that makes the reader want to stick around to the end.

Use an interesting hook and an essay bridge that keeps the reader engaged. To achieve this effect, you could use a statistic on the rates of abortion or the percentage of Americans who are pro-life and pro-choice. You could also use a quote from a renowned individual who gave their views on the matter. For instance, your essay being against abortion, there are just so many quotes from famous politicians and prominent members of the society that you could use as the hook.

Have a Clear and Concise Thesis Statement

The thesis is also part of the introduction, but we are discussing it individually as it’s an incredibly important part of an argumentative essay. It not only informs the reader what your essay is about but also tells them which side of the argument you’re supporting. Keep in mind that it is made of two parts. The part where you briefly discuss the main topic and the part that you give your clearly and concisely give your view on the issue.

In this case, since you’re on the pro-life camp, ensure your thesis statement exhibits this in a loud and clear manner. Don’t hesitate or try to explain why you’re taking that side. State your argument and then proceed to back it up in the essay body.

Write an Impressive Conclusion

Similar to the introduction, the conclusion of an abortion essay is super-important. It’s often your last opportunity to convince the reader to jump on board. At the same time, it also ties the entire essay. Therefore, you must make it as impressive as you possibly can so you can have a lasting impression on the reader. Creatively restate your thesis and give a brief of why your pro-life camp is better than pro-choice. Also, this is part where you urge your reader to take a certain action. For instance, since you’re writing an abortion should be illegal essay, you could urge the reader to share the message or sign the countless pro-life petitions available online.

Use Facts and Statistics to Back Your Points

We’ll mention this again, abortion is highly controversial. Therefore, the only way you’re going to convince your reader to take a pro-life stance on the topic is if you use facts and statistics to back your points. For instance, if one of the reasons you think abortion should be illegal is because it endangers the woman’s life, back it up with facts from credible sources. These sources could be studies and experiments conducted by scientists and health experts over the years.

Critical Points to Use in Your Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

Each side of the abortion debate usually has some solid points. Therefore your essay should not be an exception. In light of that, here are some of the points you could use to strengthen your arguments and win the reader over.

Abortion Puts the Woman at Risk

It’s a proven fact that abortion puts a woman’s health at risk both directly and indirectly. For instance, according to a study conducted by the American Pregnancy Association, one out every 50 women who have an abortion in the second trimester are at risk of severe complications and even death. Another study by the University of Manchester shows that women who’ve undergone the process are often at a higher risk of developing mental disorders such as depression.

In a nutshell, using such a point strengthens your argument ten-fold as it is based on scientific and clinical studies.

The Fetus Can Feel Pain

Pro-choicers often believe that a fetus isn’t a baby until it’s born; hence, it cannot feel pain. Science on the other hand shows that the heart of an unborn baby starts to beat as early as 18-21 days after conception.

This is also another strong point that you could use to back your argument as you’re arguing against beliefs using proven facts.

Abortion is Murder

Being in a society where murder is considered a capital offense, you could also use this point to support your argument. Why? Well, as noted, a baby’s heart starts to beat 18 days after conception. This means that legalizing abortion even in the first trimester, is the same as murder as it’s denying an innocent human being an opportunity to live.

Other Abortion Should Be Illegal Argument Ideas

  • The legalization of abortion will only incentivize irresponsible and immoral behavior
  • Legalization sends a message that human life is disposable
  • Illegalization will ensure people don’t view abortion as a bail-out plan or contraception.

Three Main Parts of an Essay

Similar to any other argumentative essay and as highlighted by the tips above, an essay on why abortion should be illegal is also made up of three main parts. The introduction, the body and the conclusion. The only slight difference is in the body. Whereas regular essays have three to five paragraphs supporting the thesis, being under an argumentative essay not all paragraphs support the thesis in an abortion should be illegal essay. Depending on the length of the task you’ve been assigned, this kind of essay may have at least one or two paragraphs opposing the thesis or counter arguing it.

In a Nutshell

Writing an abortion should be illegal essay calls for in-depth understanding of the underlying legal, medical, social, psychological, and political factors. Therefore, before you write yours, ensure you’re well versed in the topic. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion, and lastly, find a way to make the reader view things from your perspective. Also, if you need help or your deadline is fast approaching, and you’re yet to write something meaningful on the said essay, fret-not. Our highly qualified and experienced essay writers are always at your beck and call. Get in touch with us today and let us give you a helping hand for A+ essays on abortion.

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