Expository Essay & Topics

Expository Essay & Topics

       Expository essays! If you’ve never handled one before, you might find it a little bit systematic and too overwhelming. It often requires you to dive deep into a topic, evaluate it, and explain it. Given such a procedure, it’s no surprise that most students find it difficult.

However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that it is relatively easy and that it’s a task you’ve subconsciously handled before. For instance, defining a concept, answering an essay question on a Chemistry test, or describing a literary movement are all examples of expository essays. Even this article can be classified as an expository essay. That said, here is all you ought to know about expository writing essays.

What exactly is an Expository Essay?

Expository writing essay seeks to explain, describe, or inform the reader about a subject. Note; it only seeks to inform them and not persuade! In other words, the writer is expected to be clear, concise, and factual. They should not try to impose their opinions on the reader or allow their emotions to cloud their work. Therefore, the key to successfully writing premium-grade essays is having a clear understanding of the subject.

Expository Essay Samples

Below are a few excellent expository samples to help you gain a clearer understanding of what it is you’re expected to do when assigned such a task.

An Expository essay sample excerpt defining who a Communication Specialist is and details of their work

Who is a communication specialist? Ina layman language, a communication specialist is an individual who handles all the tasks related with content production and delivery within an organization. They are often within marketing departments and deal with tasks such as creating and delivering press releases, newsletters and other documents that promote cohesion between a business entity and its client base.

The minimum educational requirements for anyone seeking a job in this field include at least a bachelor’ degree in writing, editing, media and other related fields or a Masters in the mentioned. It boasts quite an impressive salary as an average skilled communication specialist normally bags approximately $65830 every year. Those on the top of the chain often get approximately $110,080. It is thus an excellent career choice for anyone who loves working in the technology realm but at the same time wants to take home a decent pay check every month.

From the example above, the writer doesn’t try to convince the reader to pursue the career. They instead give details of who a communication specialist is, requirements and also salary. They end the essay by simply stating it’s a good career and not try to persuade the reader to sign up or anything.

Good Expository Topics

Expository essays are a frequently used tool in the academic realm. All students, from high school, colleges to universities, are at some point expected to write them. So if you’ve recently been assigned one but not on a specific topic, then we got you. Outlined below are great expository writing essay topics to help you come up with the most suitable one for your pending assignment

Examples of Expository Essay Topics for 8th Grade Students

  1. Most people prefer cats to dogs for pets. Explain why
  2. Bullies should be faced with strict punishment. Why is this the case?
  3. What can be done to make your school more beautiful than it is today?
  4. Its Christmas morning and you just opened a package containing precisely what you requested. Describe the contents.
  5. Explain the causes and effects of drug or alcohol abuse on young people.
  6. Many animals are abused today. What should be done?
  7. If you were to return to 5th Grade, what things would you do more and do them better?

Expository Writing Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Describe the best book you’ve ever read and explain why it was your favorite
  2. Explain your understanding of morality
  3. Choose one person in the world whom you admire the most and describe why you admire them
  4. Name your favorite automobile and why you find it fascinating
  5. Does music affect our state of health? Explain
  6. What are the causes and effects of being addicted to social networks like Instagram?
  7. Describe your most cherished high school memory

Topics of Expository Essay for College

  1. Describe how growing up with/without a sibling(s) shaped your personality
  2. How can we reduce the influence of social media on our lives?
  3. Explain the social precursors of drug addiction
  4. What are some of the consequences of having a job while learning?
  5. How can humanity deal with environmental degradation?
  6. Explain the consequences of being sexually active without using condoms
  7. Define the causes and effects of not voting during elections

Other Great Essay Expository Topics

  1. What is the impact of the internet on modern-day communication?
  2. How can one eat healthy while on a college student’s budget?
  3. What effects does technology have on dating and relationships?
  4. Define what life will be like in the next 10 or 20 years
  5. What are some of the reasons behind the high rates of divorce?
  6. Explain why and how basic IT Knowledge is of the essence in today’s world
  7. Explain how music influences your life
  8. Outline steps to saving the planet
  9. Do aliens really exist?
  10. Explain why there is a surge in depression in the US.

How to Write an Expository Essay?

Now that you know what an expository essay is and some of the best examples of expository essay topics, how exactly do you write one? Well, like any other essay, an expository essay also has a structure. It usually has 4-5 paragraphs and is mostly about two pages long. Its structure is as follows

  1. Introduction

As the name suggests, this is where you introduce your topic. Since it also includes the thesis statement, the introduction is often the central part of the entire essay. In other words, it is where you capture or lose the attention of your readers. Therefore, it should be short, interesting, and informative to help the reader understand what is in the rest of the essay. If you manage to craft one that fits the description, then you’re off at a great start. To write a compelling introduction, consider;

  • Citing a shocking or surprising statistic related to the topic
  • Telling a compelling story that captures and engages the reader
  • Citing a quote that briefly yet eloquently sums up what your essay is about
  1. Expository Essay Body

This is where you write your four or five paragraphs. You take the reader through your research and all valuable findings that you found during your analysis on the subject. To do this effectively ensure you

  • Clearly outline the main idea of each paragraph
  • Provide your findings with enough supporting sentences
  • Explain why your findings play a critical role in the subject
  1. Conclusion

The conclusion drives home the significance of your topic. It should therefore

  • Summarize all your facts without introducing new ones
  • Give an overview of your findings on the topic and possible solutions
  • Prove why your research on the subject was of the essence
  • Suggest whether further research or discussions on the issue should be conducted.

Closing Thoughts on Expository Essay from an Expert

The secret ingredient to becoming an excellent expository writer is enjoying or having an interest in the topic. Once you do this, you’ll realize that writing this kind of essay is actually fun. It is also an easy genre of writing because, unlike other essays, it mainly revolves around presenting facts. No need to persuade the reader!

Therefore, as you prepare to write your expository essay, remember that great research goes a long way in your success. So long before you pen to paper, ensure you’re well versed with the topic. If possible, write down a few points on it so you can have a great starting point. Don’t forget to add a variety of examples related to your topic.

Also, craft a catchy thesis statement so the reader can be more interested in reading on to find out what you’ve concluded about the subject. Finally, if you’re having a hard time writing your expository help or going through some serious brain fog, get in touch with us, and we will help you out. Your essay will be delivered on time, of premium quality and plagiarism free.

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