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The Point of a Police Brutality Essay

Those who live in other western countries can't understand the level of police brutality in the United States. It's not unique to the US, but there's a major problem which needs frank and open discussion. It would be nice if there was no need for students to write an essay on police brutality, but there is.

It used to be the case where members of the public looked up to officers of the law. Today, that respect has turned to fear. The purpose of your paper is to explain current issues and ways to tackle them.

Defining Police Brutality

Base your police brutality argumentative essay on personal thoughts without any condescending tone. You might think you're right about a thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are.

Your job is to write a persuasive case to support your arguments. Not everyone needs to agree with your hypothesis, but prepare it well, and make your logical arguments clear.

Try to also offer potential solutions as well as highlighting the problems and hard facts.

You may want to consider researching areas like the following:

  • Ways to prevent and stop police brutality
  • Police brutality and unfair profiling
  • How US police brutality violates human rights
  • Police brutality and the excessive use of force

Preparing for a Police Brutality Argumentative Essay

As with any good research paper you have to go back before you can move forward. For example, what did the police used to look like in the US, what happened, and how do the public perceive them today?

These all pose valid questions. Compared to yesteryear, are criminals today more ruthless and heavily armed? What about protesters, do they pose more danger than the peaceful marches of the past?

Nothing just happens without a cause. Changes in society and law enforcement agencies often reflect the times. Many factors can play a part, and your research paper should expose them all.

Try not to make your essay on police brutality a one-sided condemnation of the modern police. There's usually a turning point where change begins. Perhaps the Rodney King episode of 1991 contributed?

Is the US really heading towards a police state as some suggest? And if so, what would that look like in modern day America? Do your research well and make some good persuasive arguments.

Be Bold - Don't Hold Back

Don't hold back as you prepare. You have plenty of time for writing, rewriting, and editing. Keep focused and stay consistently persuasive. Present problems and causes, and offer solutions or compromises.

Don't only state the obvious. Look at why something might be. Try to identify the things lurking behind the recent wave of police brutality across the US. Make your case when you find them.

Create comparisons if it helps. Why is it a problem in the US and not in some other western countries? Do their police have more resources, higher salaries, and public respect? And if yes, why might this be?

Or perhaps the citizens of some countries behave themselves better. Maybe they don't need the iron fist approach to law and order in the same way as the Americans?

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