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How to write a delicate yet informative Abortion Essay

All over the world, abortion remains to be one of the most contested and controversial issues. For instance, in the U.S., abortion is federally legal, but there are some states that punish abortion with the death penalty. With such wildly contrasting ideas prevailing between proponents and opponents of the act, writing an abortion essay can be a big headache.

Abortion essays are some of the most common coursework for college students. It is a delicate topic that showcases the authors sublime skills such as sensitivity, conciseness and empathy. Here at MyEssayGeek.com, we have talented and professional writers who can help you write the perfect essay on abortion. Read along to find out more.


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From the pointers above, you can see that writing an essay concerning abortion is a complex and sensitive task that requires a deep comprehension of various legal, psychological, social and political factors. If you find it impossible to write a good one, you are not alone.

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Why you can trust our experienced writers to write a well-balanced essay on abortion

Our authors are trained to look  at both sides of the coin

When it is about to write my essay, it is crucial for the author to consider both sides due to the sensitivity of the issue.
For instance, just as some people associate abortion with murder, some people believe that a woman reserves all the discretion of what to do with her body. Furthermore, those who support abortion do not consider a fetus as a person, therefore not protected with the same rights as everyone else. The opposers, however, believe that abortion is murder and only God reserves to take life, even that of a fetus.
Giving an unbiased opinion about two sides of a coin may not be easy for everyone, but it is for our experts here at MyEssayGeek.com.

We use facts to support  concepts

With sensitive issues such as abortion, it is important to support every claim with some of evidence to avoid seeming insensitive.

For example, abortion became legal in the U.S. in 1973 after the jury in the case of Roe vs. Wade declared the persons involved to be “not legal” and therefore not protected by the Constitution. According to the case, a fetus, even one that is completely developed, is still part of the mother’s body. Since everyone is protected by the rights to privacy to their own bodies, it follows that a woman may choose to have an abortion up until the birth of a child, when they come a legal person.
Our writers make use of such examples and facts to ensure all arguments are valid and can be defended.

We understand the gravity of an  abortion essay

An abortion composition normally boils down to analyzing the human rights of the woman against those of the unborn child. In any case, you can see that such an endeavor is already a losing battle no matter which side you choose. However, our writers will always add your two cents on the matter concisely and humanely.

We use hooks to engage the  person who reads

The best essays introduce a thesis that explains the author’s position in a simple and empathetic way, coercing the reader to go on and find out why they are choosing that stance - not out of bias but out of certain facts and beliefs and also, which of the two the author think is a lesser evil.
Tip: If your tutor’s instructions do not require you to pick an explicit side in the abortion debate, we can write an abortion essay that focuses on the solutions that minimize the effects of abortion. For instance, preventing undesirable pregnancies, better reproductive education and healthcare, etc.

We write complete and  conclusive abortion essays

An argumentative article should be presented as if the author was debating by themselves, and after careful comparison and consideration, they reach a certain conclusion. When you order an abortion paper from MyEssayGeek.com, your thesis will be supported with all the necessary facts, examples and statistics from verifiable sources.
After presenting the evidence for your thesis, the writer will offer a strong counter-argument followed by the reasons why the counter-argument cannot hold against the thesis.
Pro tip: Many writers are lured into the trap of writing a weak objection to the thesis statement. Although it may be easier to find the weak spot of such counter arguments, it will make your whole thesis seam weak too.

Our articles leave a lasting  impression

An excellent abortion essay will reiterate your standpoint in the ending now that the reader has considered all your arguments and facts. Being a sensitive matter, our writers are trained to use conclusions that leave a positive impression in the reader’s mind, regardless of their perspective on the issue.
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