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How to craft the perfect expository essay

If you are a scholar, chances are that you will be requested to write an expository essay at some point, that is if you have not written several by now. Some might wonder, what is an expository essay and how can you write a great one? Well, those are the kinds of problems we solve here at MyEssayGeek.com.

What is an expository essay?

As the name suggests, an expository essay exposes or lays bare a concept in a manner that others will easily comprehend. It is a writing genre that explains, clarifies, illustrates and explicates an idea. Depending on the angle the author decides to take, the essay could be presented as an argument, an investigation, a definition, a cause and effect article, etc.

Mastering this genre of writing can be useful for answering certain exam formats and is often used as an instrument of evaluation in a classroom setting. Here at MyEssayGeek.com, our writers have enough experience to handle even the most complex expository essays from freshman to PhD levels.

The difference between an expository and argumentative article

Before you can write top-notch expository articles and score As in your grades, you must be aware of a common misconception. Many people confuse an expository composition with an argumentative one.

As explained earlier, an expository essay is an explanation or illustration. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a neutral tone. On the contrary, argumentative essays take a clear position on a specific topic, even before the evidence is offered. There is no objectivity or neutrality.

Expert tips on writing expository essays

When writing your expository composition, there are particular elements that will differentiate a well-written article from one whose ideas are jumbled up. At MyEssayGeek.com, we know what makes an expository essay deliver on its purpose. Here are some of the strategies that we use:


  • We stick to the facts

When you are requested to write an expository article, consider that only facts should count. There is no room for prejudice or personal opinions. If you think about it, this simplifies the writing process, which it is reduced to just gathering facts and presenting them concisely. Due to their nature, it is best to write expository essays using third-person account.

Tip: Never assume that your readers have prior knowledge about the subject you are covering. Therefore, include all the fundamental details that you may dismiss as common knowledge.


  • We insert a powerful thesis statement early in the essay

The thesis statement should be concise and totally adhere to the instructions provided – whether in an exam or in a classroom assignment. A badly written thesis statement will only work to ruin the persuasive power of your essay considerably.


  • We maintain a natural flow from the introduction, to the body and ending

If an essay was a car, its transitions would be the bolts and glue holding all the pieces together to provide a smooth motion. Poorly arranged ideas and thoughts makes it difficult for the reader to follow any essay. Even worse, it makes the author seem inexperienced and ignorant in the subject they are writing about.


  • We present the main ideas in single paragraphs

The best expository essays reveals only one main idea per paragraph. This allows one concept to lead to another and thus create a sense of direction and pace in your essay. Note that the ideas in every paragraph must be somehow related and in support of the thesis statement.


  • We leave a strong impression using the conclusion

After providing all your evidence in the body of the essay, it is time to readdress your thesis statement now that the reader has gone through all the facts. Based on the topic being covered, you could also take this as an opportunity to divert the reader’s attention to certain obvious conclusions.

Tip: The conclusion is a small yet crucial component of an expository essay. It leaves the last and most impactful impression on the mind of the . Therefore, do not introduce new information, rather, synthesize and come to a conclusion based on the presented evidence.

Is expository essay writing not your strong suit? We have a solution for you

Nowadays, students are overloaded with endless tasks in class, which must be balanced by work and social life. All the pressure may have a negative impact on the quality of your work. If you believe that you are lacking in the knowledge and experience to write an excellent expository article, you can use our online custom writing services, see all the essay papers for sale and make your decision.

MyEssayGeek.com provides unique, plagiarism-free and custom articles, adhering to all the provided instructions and professional standards. Your article can be as long as you wish and as close to the deadline as humanly possible. You do not have enough time to finish that assignment? Do not despair, the situation can still be salvaged.

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MyEssayGeek.com is not the only academic writing service out there, but we are the best for a reason. Our writers are talented, qualified and experienced individuals with English as their native language.

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