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Macbeth Plays With Gender Roles – Something That Is Still Questioned Today

Gender has always played a large role in life, often determining a person’s path in life. While we’ve seen plenty of changes in the past few decades, it’s still not equal. What’s interesting is how long the question of gender roles has been going, as we see in Macbeth. Here it is Lady Macbeth herself who questions her role as a woman, and how different her life would be as a man.

We’ve heard the question asked before, “who wears the pants in the relationship”, and this rather basic question seems to be the one that plagued Lady Macbeth. As the female in the relationship, it was her job to take a submissive role, sit back, support her husband, and help him to achieve all his goals. This was clearly not an easy pill for Lady Macbeth to swallow.

Instead we watch/read about her struggle to accept these very polar gender roles and question how her life would be if she were the man in the relationship.

She does her best to "rule" through her husband instead. She is the one that decides what he does and when he does it, allowing her to in fact step into that traditional male role.

One can argue whether or not she was successful in her attempts to step into that male role, one thing is for certain and that is that women have been questioning their role in relationships as far back as we can go. While Lady Macbeth becomes crazed with her thirst for power, it’s certainly easy to see parallels in today’s day in age and how women are still fighting their way into these roles of power.

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