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Do You Want To Know How To Write A Fast Food VS Healthy Food Essay?

It can occur across many different subjects, ranging from sociology to health sciences, and with it being such an important topic these days it’s hardly a surprise that students are asked to write a junk food essay. There are many ways it can be approached, either empirically or anecdotally, and that will depend on the level and instructions of the assignment. A fast food essay need never be that big a problem, and here we will show you how it’s done.

Is Junk Food Really Devastating Humanity?

There are arguments from plenty of positions but the statistics don’t lie, bad food choices are changing the face of our species. It has been something that has been warned about for decades, rarely or barely listened to but now the results of 50 years of fast food are destroying millions of years of evolution. Our bodies are like finely tuned machines; they are capable of great things but are struggling under the weight of the terrible fuel being pumped into them.

How Has This Happened?

While homo sapiens and their ancestors have been developing for eons, every small adaptation was in line with the contemporary situation and took tens of thousands of years to happen. We were built to be able to do certain things, eat certain amounts and varieties of food and we became the most efficient survivors in the world. A species that could live and prosper anywhere. This all changed recently with the huge growth of junk food, with high fat content and little nutritional value. We have become overweight, obese and yet also undernourished, lacking what we need for healthy skin, eyes and muscles. We consume more and yet are less capable of surviving than we have ever been.

Is There A Solution?

While the future may seem bleak if one takes historical data stretching back 30 or more years, however there have been some bright spots among the clouds. Studies show that people are becoming increasingly interested in the actual contents of their food as well as adopting better exercise habits. Government legislation and information programs are also being implemented to tackle suppliers of bad food, and also to educate citizens in general. With a greater awareness of what we are putting into our bodies we can hopefully reverse the worrying trends of the previous decades and get back on track to perfection.

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