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Fahrenheit 451 Theme Essay Writing

Fahrenheit 451 essay topics can be wide-ranging. You could write a Fahrenheit 451 technology essay, comparing and contrasting Bradbury’s vision of the future with the modern-day reality. You could discuss the banning of books as a central theme to the novel, or any number of things. Below, you will find a samplepaper about Fahrenheit 451.

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction novel set in a dystopian future wherein books have been banned. People find their entertainment through watching television or listening to radio broadcasts through “shells” that are similar to modern-day headphones. The novel explores how this is used to effect control of the society at large. The main character in the book, Guy Montag, is a fireman whose job is to actively find and burn hidden collections of books. This essay will explore how Montag changes throughout the novel, using three key experiences to illuminate turning points in his behavior and beliefs.

Montag seems to have enjoyed his life as a fireman up until the beginning of the novel. However, there seems to be a general malaise that he is becoming increasingly aware of. It’s not that the malaise was not there before, it’s simply that certain experiences cause him to become more aware of it. There are three main events which ultimately culminate in major changes for the main character. The first occurs when Montag accidentally reads a bit of a novel before it burns, discovering that he likes it. The second is when Montag encounters a strange neighbor that he takes an instant liking to—discovering that her beloved strangeness is a result of reading. She is killed by a speeding car later in the novel, causing Montag a high level of grief. The third is an attempted suicide by Montag’s wife Mildred, who suffers from the same sense of dissatisfaction expressed by Montag. Unlike the main character, however, Montag’s wife tends to drown her sorrows in entertainment.

Montag becomes increasingly interested in books throughout the novel, eventually creating his own secret collection. Mildred and her friends discover this collection and turn Montag in. Montag is brought to his own house and told to set fire to it. At this point, he becomes a fugitive of the state and must escape. Montag joins with a group of people who are actively working to create a record of books from memory to save them for the sake of humanity. Montag does not seem happy with this outcome, and is a man caught between two worlds: the comfort of conformity, and the liberty of mental freedom.

In conclusion, Montag is forced into the fringe of society as a result of his actions and those of his family and friends. Three events culminated in Montag’s decision to collect books—which was not meant as a political stand so much as it was a means of quelling his sense of dissatisfaction. At the end of the novel, Montag is unable to return to his normal life or to make peace with his new one

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