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How To Handle The Dreaded My Friend Essay

When it comes to classes like Creative Writing, it can be quite common, in the context of practicing your personal essay writing, to be asked to write a typical My Best Friend essay. The aim of the exercise is to encourage the student to go beyond simple physical descriptions and attempt to access and portray their emotions and feelings towards another person. When given an assignment like An essay about my best friend, one should paint a very clear picture of what they mean by the term - as we shall see in the following example:

What Makes A Best Friend

There are many characteristics which we may define as being desirable in the various people we meet. A good sense of humour in your partner, support from one’s parents, integrity from people in power, respect from one’s boss. A best friend, going beyond a casual friend or acquaintance, may require all of these rolled into one. They are expected to fit properly into every situation in which you find yourself, times of happiness, struggle, grief and joy.

My Best Friend

I have been very lucky to have found my own best friend. Having met at the age of five we have grown up together and shared every up and down of each other’s lives over the many years of our friendship. Being so close, words rarely matter, we just know what the other means from the slightest of information. Arguments might happen but are quickly forgotten, big celebrations are never the same if the other isn’t there.

The qualities one should expect:

  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Loyalty
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Support
  • Honesty

Why A Best Friend Makes The World Seem Brighter

While sometimes we can be lucky in having a best friend from childhood, a bond which can make you like family, as we grow older we are often in the position of choosing our best friends. Whether thrown together by work or study, we come across hundreds of possible “best friends” over the years, but we only ever pick a few. As we get more experienced in choosing those who we wish to be close to us, we see clearly those characteristics which truly make for a great friend. Even subconsciously we develop this check-list, so that when you meet someone something can just “click”, you get a feeling and you know this could be the right person, a best friend.

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