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Writing an Obesity Problem and Solution Essay

Childhood obesity in the US is a visible concern that's escalating out of control. Knowing what it is, and doing something about it, are two very different entities. There can be no answers to any kind of societal challenges until we first identify the root causes. The obesity essay has to acknowledge these specific causes and their effects. It must offer preventative measures along with potential solutions.

Obesity in the United States has been a growing health concern among adult Americans for generations. The obesity problem today has trickled down to the beginning of life. The childhood obesity essay sample must highlight these historical patterns. It also has to show how obesity in kids now affects infants.

The Obesity in America Essay

A well written research paper on childhood obesity cannot generalize. For too long now there have been sweeping comments from medical professionals and nutritionists. They claim that kids should eat less and move more. If it were that simple, a little dieting and a bit more exercise would solve all.

Of course helpings and physical activity contribute, but they don't tell the whole story. And despite popular belief, it's not animal foods and fats that cause the most weight gain. The real culprit lies in plant-based foods, known simply as fat-producing carbohydrates.

Your written paper has to explain the role of insulin within the human body. You must also make clear other bodily processes and responses to carbs. How fat storage works is another key area to consider.

A Convincing Paper Has Authority

In great grandmother's day, the US populace was a lot thinner. Back then, people used to eat fattier cuts of meat because they were cheaper. They consumed plenty of eggs, dairy, and cooked in animal fats.

It was rare for kids to carry so much body fat, and teasing was usual for those who did. Today, overweight children are a more everyday sight. In the US, one in three youngsters is now overweight or obese.

Your obesity problem and solution essay has to have authority and recite respectable sources. You have to explain when, and at what point, children and adults in America started to gain so much weight.

Getting Back to Basics

It's easy to generalize and blame childhood obesity solely on a sedentary lifestyle and greed. Snacking (eating between main meals) is also quite a new thing, though it's not the root cause of the problem.

We know that most US kids never used to be fat. We also know that certain animal fats and oils offer health benefits and don't contribute toward obesity. Your paper has to go back to basics and expose all.

In 1977 the US dietary guidelines changed. Three years later people began to gain lots of extra weight. Obesity-related disorders like type-2 diabetes soon became as well-known as heart disease and stroke.

Modern Diet and Childhood Obesity

The generations after 1977 saw an upsurge in overweight teens as well as obese adults. The generation to follow gave us fat toddlers. And now—for the first time ever—we're seeing overweight babies.

Your paper must join the dots and make sense of it all. Find the links with the changes in the US dietary guidelines and the current childhood obesity epidemic.

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