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Are You Having Trouble Handling Different Immigration Essay Topics?

It is a very topical theme at the moment right across the world and something which is very likely to be asked in any number of subjects. It can be used as a topic to illustrate clearly one’s views on legal and illegal immigration. Essay assistance can be hard to find on this subject but that’s why we’re here to help with the following example.

Who Are The “immigrants”?

As it is something which is all over the news these days one would expect the terms of the discussion would have been clearly defined by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While there are many people who like to lump all migrants into the one boat and use them to score political points, there are huge differences between people who are looking to leave one country for another. For example, refugees, people who are fleeing war-torn countries, are welcome and should be sheltered by any country who is a signatory of the UN Convention on refugees, which total nearly 150 countries. They are not “immigrants” but in temporary need of shelter to escape war, though this is often not how they are portrayed.

Is There A Problem With Immigrants?

In general immigrants are found to be extremely beneficial for the host country. As they are most often of a younger, healthier profile they work more on average and thus contribute more to the economy of the country. They also increase the cultural diversity of the nation by introducing new kinds of food and music, as well as new skills or ways of approaching problems. Despite these benefits many politicians and others seek to stir resentment against immigrants as they are quite an easy target, as they do not have established political and judicial defences.

Reasons why people become immigrants:

  • Job opportunities
  • Fleeing war or famine
  • Better education possibilities
  • Escaping oppression
  • Supporting family back home

What Will Happen In The Future

With modern transport and communication links it seems quite ridiculous to believe that non-physical lines on maps can stop the movement of humans. People have roamed the earth for tens of thousands of years and it would seem to be in our genetic make-up. With the cross-fertilization of cultures and ideas immigration endows far more advantages than disadvantages and the world would do well to embrace it, whether it will or not remains to be seen.

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