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How The Harry Potter Series Changed The Fantasy Landscape Forever

Few novel series have had as much of an effect on pop culture as the Harry Potter series. In fact, one can reasonably argue that this series alone was able to change the very landscape of the fantasy genre forever. The series propelled the genre into a new light and engaged with readers of all ages and backgrounds, while opening the door to other popular series.

When the Harry Potter series first hit the bookshelves, it was June 1997. It was released as a “children’s” book, or young adult fiction if you will. This age group was instantly intrigued, which then snowballed into bringing their parents on board. Suddenly the book stores weren’t just filled with young adults buying the book, it was also teens and adults purchasing the novel.

It soon became the Harry Potter Phenomenon as more and more interest grew in the series. Once it was announced that a movie would be made of the book, that excitement hit a fevered pitch. What’s even more incredible is that this interest and excitement continued to grow throughout the launch of every book in the series, as the movies followed.

To date the Harry Potter series is estimated to be worth around $15 billion, which is a rather large number to swallow. It has also made J.K. Rowling, the author of the series, the most well-known and most lucrative writer ever.

That brings us to the launch of other series that owe a great deal of success to the Harry Potter series. It was that series that opened the door to the genre and invited kids and adults to explore a whole new world together. Soon to follow was the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer and released in 2005. This series was able to successfully bridge the gap between age groups and created a fandom all its own.

More recently, you can look at the Hunger Games series and the less popular Divergent series. Both of these series continued to use the same model as Harry Potter in that they created a separate world, filled with mystery, intrigue, danger, and romance of course.

The Harry Potter series ended up being so much more than just an interesting series to get involved in. In fact, the series ended up changing the way books are marketed and promoted, who they are promoted too, and the idea that they can carry with them a blockbuster movie.

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