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Frankenstein Essay Topics That Are Bound To Get High Marks

Putting together a killer essay on Frankenstein can be easier said than done. Here we provide you with a Frankenstein essay example that shows you exactly what teachers are looking for, using the basic essay layout. We go about the process from scratch, writing all the content from the ground up. We ensure that our introduction, body, and conclusion flow smoothly and bring home the points in a concise and decisive manner.

Here’s a short Frankenstein essay example to give you an idea of what kind of services we can provide.

Frankenstein – The Ultimate Horror Character

The horror genre is one that is incredibly popular. The novel of Frankenstein is an excellent example of the ultimate horror character that authors of the past and present strive to create. This book has held up well over time, spawning many movies as directors try their best to capture just what makes Frankenstein’s creation so horrible. Since its release in 1818, scholars have picked apart the many themes and ideas presented in the book, including just what makes his creation so “perfect”.

When the novel begins, we meet Victor Frankenstein, who is a scientist and doctor of sorts. In fact, he's more of that stereotypical mad scientist than anything else. He is setting out to create a human being and bring them to life, except his creation is anything but normal-looking.

We quickly learn that his creation is hideous-looking, ugly, and scary, and that no person would ever feel safe or comfortable being in the same room as him. The creature wants one thing, and that is to find love, which isn't going to happen because of how he looks.

This same sort of story can be found in so many other horror books and movies – look at Beauty and the Beast for example. Even though there was no mad scientist, he was still that hideous, powerful, and scary creature that no one wanted to love. We see this same theme echoed in such other works as The Phantom of the Menace, to a much lesser scale Cinderella, and more.

What makes Frankenstein’s horror creation so perfect is the fact that reader/audience wants to go one, they become invested in them despite how they look. This is key to capturing the audience and truly managing to put fright into them.

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